video note: some background processes are shown, and then slowed in time and motion to give one a hint of what is going on behind the scenes.

Unbearable beauty in Geometry

I’ve stared into the very soul of photo/video imaging and found something wonderful:

An unmistakable geometry that I’ve coaxed into giving up lots of secrets.   Enough secrets that I’ve been able to create artificial intelligence (machine vision) centered around what I’ve found.   An ‘AI’ that finds the very truth about the space it is examining and exploits it to create one touch perspective correction with unmistakably correct proportions, even a good estimation of scale.  (a scale which is easily adjusted just as quickly afterwards)   then on top, it throws in a few dimensions to show what it has found.

An ‘AI’ vision that goes far beyond line recognition,  I’ve found that this process is examining the very essence of the space that is presented by the digital data in the photograph.


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use of “GPUImage” library by: Brad Larson, Ben Cochran, Hugues Lismonde, Keitaroh Kobayashi, Alaric Cole, Matthew Clark, Jacob Gundersen, Chris Williams.   Copyright (c) 2012

All rights reserved.

a scissors icon was used by: Scott Lewis, US

use of: NEOColorPicker Library:  Created by Karthik Abram

Apache License, Version 2.0

For construction/contractor quality management auditing, estimating for takeoffs, punch lists, incomplete work list, defects list, safety inspections, site progress reporting, site diary, site audits, as built documentation, and real estate project management.

Industry Standard scales and dimensions for real estate agents, engineers, architects, contractors and DIY projects.

Draw - annotate and note dimensions on pictures.  Create “As-Built” drawings from a photo.  Measure & Sketch right on pictures.  Allows you to annotate your photos with both notes and measurements.  Full annotating capabilities.

Take photo and add scaled measurements right on the photo,  accurate and extremely quick iPhone & iPad app.  Measuring calculator for construction, a photo measuring app.

Also use is as an image tape measure app for DIY measures of walls, both interior or exterior.  Distance and length measuring app for Architects and contractors.  Calculates the Area and Perimeter of any shape you draw, or image you trace.

Draw accurate Areas and perimeters with built-in tools in the app.

Draw accurate dimensions on your photos, and do it to correct scale.

Draw bubble detail clouds and keyNotes.

Draw note boxes and use Siri to add the notes.

Pinch and zoom into your photo to nearly the pixel level for complete accuracy. You have full control of your project properties, and dimension properties including color and line thickness.

Change to metric or to Imperial dimensions, set up a snap grid,  and/or a visual grid, also you can round your dimensions accurately.

Constrain the angle of your dimensions,  change the color and text background of your dimensions.

Use Direct arrow dimensions, or professional Architectural offset dimensions.

Full undo and redo support.

Save your finished photo to your Camera Roll,  and share to your photo stream, or email your new drawing.  Also AirPrint to your printers with correct scale and take a scale/ruler and measure even more objects in the photo.

Professionals Perspective Correction of your photos to accurate scale.  Now you can take measurements directly from photos of interiors, buildings, furniture.