and: "a comprehensive knowledge of geography might help".

Fenn Treasure Z Tools


You just have to think the right things

New ideas about the search are only as good as your ability to evaluate them against the search's geography. Explore your ideas with the confidence that you didn't miss anything using this app.

Watch the video to see exactly what this app does,  and if it would be useful in your search. (watch the third app’s video to see new enhancements that are included in the update of this app)

If you have lots of ideas to apply to the search,   but need a way to find and more importantly then narrow down the type/class and name of geographical features that would correspond to your idea exactly and quickly.   This app will make quick work of finding those features,  and only those features that exactly match your ideas to the area and type that exist.  And importantly do this with confidence that you didn't miss anything.   This app was built to do that with ease because I needed it desperately and now use this and my other X tools app every day.

Forrest Fenn (ff) quote: "You just have to think the right things".